Peddling Public Property

Say you’re giving a speech where people are paying $250 per plate, does that affect your speech? (I’m asking for a New Brunswick friend.)

Say you’re the Premier of New Brunswick and you’re giving the State of the Province address. Would you charge $250? Per plate. To New Brunswick citizens.

Brian Gallant is selling his publicly financed persona to fundraise for a local Chamber of Commerce. Hawking a public property through a special interest group. $250 per plate*, 1,000 plates.

I know New Brunswick Premiers have been doing this for like 44 years, but traditions are not always a citizen’s friend.

Give the speech the dignity it deserves.

Can we get in with a NB medicare card if we promise not to eat the caviar?


*$250 is about 23 hours –  say three 8-hour shifts – of work at minimum wage in New Brunswick – not net. Gross.


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